Friday 10/28 My view on the weather

Hello, everyone!! Hope you’re all doing well! I am but this morning I got a sad reminder that summer was over and it was time for fall and winter. I know, I know, it’s like, wake up and smell the snow!! But it was hard saying goodbye. School was back, and instead of lounging around I had to do STUFF. I’m not entirely against winter and fall though. I love watching the beautiful leaves falling off the trees and it makes me want to stop time and stay in the moment. I love breaking out the fall fashion too, now who’s with me?! So although  summers over, I can think about the awesome things that happen with this season! Hope you can too.


The sun has come out, I’m happy!!😀😀





3 thoughts on “Friday 10/28 My view on the weather

  1. Me too. I hate it when summer is over. Back to school and cold weather. But like you, I love getting my fall and winter fashion out! Whoop, whoop! ~Anne


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